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Employer´s name: Höga Kusten Skog & Fastighet AB

Job title: Teams of Forest workers, Clearing-saw operators.

Number of posts:  10

Job description:                         

We are now looking to employ more teams of forest workers to help us cut this summer.

We are looking for groups of 3-5 people that know each other and have done forest-cutting work before. The reason is that you are going to live and work together, so we need to know that you get along. And the group will work on their own most days, so you need to have done this kind of work before.

You will be given maps of the forest you’re going to cut and everything else you need then you should to be able to work on your own. That’s why you need a car to carry everything. A manager will come by a couple times a week to see that everything is going well.

Salarys are paid per hectare and the salary is different on every area depending how many and how big the trees are. Read more under Salary

The company will rent a furnished apartment or house for each team to live in. Employee pays the rent, between 2000-2400 Swedish crowns/month/person. Internet is included.

The company provides all employees with all working clothes and equipment needed to work

The location where you will live and work is close to the town Örnsköldsvik in the northern part of Sweden.

Normal working hours are between 07.00 and 16.00 with a 60 min lunch, Monday to Friday

Contract type:  Season contract, about 6 Months (when the snow in gone). All acourding to Swedish union laws.

Starting date:  About 1st of May or when the snow in gone.


Essential requirements:

Some forest-cutting experience with clearing-saw is needed.

At least 1 person in a team need to speak some English.

At least 2 persons in each team need to have a driver license

Desirable requirements:

That someone in the team have a car that can be used to drive to and from work big enough to fit all equipment and the team. Company will then pay 3.3 Swedish crowns/kilometer driven to the owner.


Salary is payed per hectare cut. The salary per hectare is different on every map depending how many and how big the trees are. There is a guarantee salary starting around 11,5€ per hour depending on experience according to the Swedish forest union. Experienced workers usually make a lot more.

The group leader also gets 500 Swedish crowns/month extra money for each person in the group for making sure everything is being done and send in correctly.

How to apply:

Send email to:
Include earlier work-experience and information about all members of the team

Last application date:               2019-03-15

Company contact person for this vacancy:  Tobias Ullberg, Forest manager